The MVQG Library has moved to our new home at the Delaware Township building.
The Township has always been very supportive to our guild.

Library Update: There are over 450 books currently available to you! Our librarian, Maria Tracy, will have a few lists of all book titles at each meeting, so please take a look and let her know if there are any books you would like to borrow!!
There are three ways to request and/or borrow books:
1 - let Maria know what book(s) you would like to borrow during the meeting, and she will bring it to the next meeting. 2 - email or text Maria to let her know what book(s) you would like to borrow, and Maria will try to have it for the next meeting;
3 - email or text Maria to let her know you would like to visit the library and a meeting can be arranged so you can browse through all of the books yourself.
As mentioned in our last meeting, the library will not be transitioned back to the school at this time. So, for the time being, if you haven't been to the "Quilt Shack" yet, it is a beautiful spot and you should definitely stop by and check it out!! There are currently no set library hours, it is by appointment only. Just text Maria or send her an email at!

New listings will be added shortly and a new listing of all our books will be available shortly.

If you have any books that you borrowed, please return them at one of our in person meetings.